Introduction and New Plugins!

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Introduction and New Plugins!

Post  fluffy6001 on Sun Oct 23, 2011 4:28 pm

Hey, most of you may not know me but I'm fluffy6001. I lurk in the shadows and build nice structures. I work with Crudermax and other people to make the server fun and effective. At the moment the server isn't up 24/7, but we're expecting it will. Anyways here are some of the new plugins:

1. SafeFire: Have griefers ever burned down your house? well no more! SafeFire makes it so fire will stay lit, but wont destroy any blocks or spread throughout the world! Have fun with your flint and tinder! Smile

2. Jsonapi: This plugin may be relatively unknown, but this allows the main admin, Crudermax, to watch over anyone and everyone from his phone. Nothing is sacred, no one is safe from this deadly plugin, it can even kill you from a distance and see where you are at all times. But rest assured, this plugin will only be used to look over people and protect them from griefers and the like. It can also give people materials when he is away! How thoughtful!

3. Worldedit: If you don't know what this is, then you have either been in a coma for around a year or live under a rock. This allows the admins of the server to build large structures with ease and cut build times into small fractions. This is one of them most helpful plugins a admin could have in their tool belt.

That's it for now! New plugins will come soon and exclusive hand made plugins are on their way! I'll hint them occasionally!


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